Developing The Soccer Player 2-Disc DVD


In this new DVD from The Football Association and Soccer Learning Systems, we will look at how to develop a program which will support the long term development of your players using a 4 corner model.
We will see coaching sessions to improve players in key technical aspects of the game. These sessions include: Creating Space, Passing, Ball Control, Running With The Ball, Dribbling, Turning, Shooting/Finishing, Heading, Goalkeeping and Defending. Each activity uses a technique practice, a Skill practice and a Small Sided game.

Developing the physical literacy of the players through fun movement exercises is covered in the Physical corner.
|n|In the Psychological Corner we will look at the impact of learning and the opportunity for decision making.
The Social Corner will look at ways to establish an environment in which your players feel safe and able to develop to their full potential.
Through this program you will increase your knowledge of player development and be better placed to support the players you work with to help them improve technically. You will be a better coach by developing a player centered approach to your practice.

Item Number: 5424
Running Time: 240 minutes
Available Format: 2 Disc DVD