The Winning Formula


This long-time best selling video series is now available for the first time on DVD. A series of five instructional DVDs that clearly explain the principles of team tactics for offense, defense and midfield play. A blend of computer graphics and live action from top world class games are combined to make an easily understood presentation of soccer strategy. An Official series from the Football Association.

Disc 1- Direct Play

Analysis of Goals Scored
Priorities in passing
Support in attack
Turning with the ball
Forward runs with and without the ball
Includes the techniques of:
Running with the ball
Drawing defenders out of position|n|

Disc 2- Scoring

Prime Target Areas
Prime Scoring Areas
Movement of Attackers to be First to the Ball|n|

Disc 3- Winning The Advantage

Creating Space as an Individual
Ball Control
Creating Space as a team
One-Touch Play
Winning the Ball in the Attacking
third of the field
Mental Concentration
Winning and Attacking from Set Plays
Includes the techniques of:
Free Kicks
Corner Kicks|n|

Disc 4- Defending To Win

Key Factors in Defending
Recovery Runs and Lines
Challenging for the Ball
Importance of Support
Importance of Compactness
Tracking Players
The Guiding Triangle
Attacking the Ball under pressure
Defending at Set Plays
Includes the techniques of:
Free Kicks

Disc 5- Goalkeeping

Short Stopping
Dealing With Crosses
Supporting and Communicating with the Defense
Narrowing Angles
Goal Kicks
Includes the techniques of:
Basic Handling, Feet, Hands and Head
Catching and Deflecting the Ball
Fly Kicking
Kicking from Hand

Item Number: 7126
Running Time: 300 minutes
Available Format: 5 DVD Set