Italian Style Soccer Training Set

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The Italian Style Soccer Training Set comes with 3 videos and a book.

Ball Control Italian Style

The Ball Control- Italian Style teaching method has been developed in the youth training programs of the Italian Serie A. It has been very successful in team development coaching programs that have produced players with exceptional technical skills.

The simplicity of this program is a major reason for its success. These 60 exercises aim to develop, improve and maintain individual technical skills regarding ball control. Suitable for players of all ages and abilities, these exercises can be carried out in groups, pairs or alone - all you really need is a ball and a wall. All of these exercises have a play for fun aspect that stimulate the will and motivation of the players during the workouts. Improve your ball control Italian Style!


  • Change of Direction
  • Slalom


  • Differentiation
  • Balance
  • Rhythm


  • On The Ground
  • In The Air
  • Shooting

Ball Control 2 Italian Style

These clearly explained exercises for Ball Control demonstrate the techniques of feints, dribbling and change of direction and are a progression from the skill based exercises shown in Ball Control 1. There are more than 40 exercises designed to develop attacking play which will lead to goalscoring opportunities and stimulate the players imagination and creativity.

The techniques of feinting, dribbling and change of direction are fundamental techniques for player development. Players of all ages and levels of experience will find these exercises to be interesting and motivational which will accelerate the players technique and performance.

Soccer Defending Italian Style

 Marking, tackling, intercepting, anticipating, positioning and defending the goal are the fundamental elements in the modern game of soccer.

This program presents 42 technical exercises and game situations for the physical and mental development of the young soccer player. The exercises focus on the defensive phase, with the primary objective to develop exceptional technical abilities of soccer defenders, who are becoming more and more scarce in modern soccer.

These exercises develop, improve and maintain individual defending technical skills of soccer players when not in possession of the ball.

Sections Include:

  • Marking and positioning
  • Defending The Goal
  • Tackling
  • Anticipation/Intercepting
  • Balance
  • Differentiation and rhythmic skills
  • Motor reaction
  • Motor combination

Soccer Training Sessions Italian Style Book

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The objective of Soccer Training Sessions- Italian Style is to share the actual training methodology used in the youth divisions of a professional Italian soccer club. The focus is on technical skills and at the same time teaching the fundamentals of individual tactics and group tactics as well as coordination and the fundamental aspects of conditioning.

Each lesson plan is chronologically organized to develop the technical aspect (by way of an initial warm up game and or a technical activity,) the physical aspect (by way of a coordination or conditioning activity,) and a Tactical aspect (by way of a game situation or game with a theme.)

The 45 lesson plans are organized into 15 instructional blocks based on 3 training sessions per week for a 2 week period. In order to provide the players a more efficient learning environment, it is suggested that each lesson plan is implemented twice.

This book provides you with an insiders view to the training methodology of one of the world's most renowned youth soccer clubs.

Also available as a Digital Download. Download and watch and read on your PC, Mac, or sync to your mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android phones/tablets. Downloads can be synced to up to 3 computers or devices. You will need to have the free Quicktime Player to enable viewing of the videos, and Adobe Acrobat reader installed to enable the viewing of downloads on your computer.

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Length: 165 minutes of video/126 Page book
Available Formats: DVDs/Softcover Book, Digital Download



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