All The Right Soccer Moves, Skills and Drills

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Set of three DVDs or downloads.

All The Right Moves-

Soccer dribbling moves to help you Get a move on - your opponent that is. A collection of different soccer dribbling moves that will leave your opponent standing. Scissors moves, spin moves, fakes, tricks and more. Each soccer move is carefully detailed and shown at match speed and in slow motion. What appears to be complex is made easy for players of all ages and abilities. Plus, in this easy to learn system you get to see world class players putting the moves on their opponents.

All The Right Skills-

In this program, all the skills necessary to become a top class soccer player will be demonstrated. This program is done in such a way that coaches can take them straight to the soccer field and players can take them straight into the back yard with their friends or parents.

All The Right Drills-

Building on the skills contained in All The Right Moves and All The Right Skills, All The Right Drills combines the skills and moves building blocks that allow coaches and players of all experience levels to improve their performance and enjoyment of the beautiful game. Each of the drills allows players to develop performance levels, at their own pace, under the careful direction of coaches who will have all the right tools to get the job done.

The 30+ drills cover the topics of:
- Warm-up - Dribbling - Passing - Receiving - Shooting