Euro 2012 Set of Three DVDs


Set of All Three EURO 2012 DVDs

The Official Review of UEFA EURO 2012 DVD captures the competitions best moments as well as revealing all the twists and turns as they unfold. From the opening game to the spectacular final when Spain swept away their final opponent and overpowered Italy 4-0, every match and all the best moments are featured in this comprehensive three hour DVD.

UEFA EURO 2012 All the Goals DVD brings back to life each and every goal from what turned out to be the most exciting tournament in the modern era. It featured a total of 76 goals: 6 players scored three goals, 10 players scored two goals, 37 players scored one goal, and only one own goal was scored. Now you can relive every one of them, all the build-up and replays from multiple angles to really get inside the game.

UEFA Euro 2012 FINAL This must-have program features the complete UEFA Euro 2012TM final match- from the pre-game festivities all the way to the trophy lift. Re-live every goal, every save and every minute!

Item Number: 7152
Running Time: 421 minutes
Available Formats: DVD