Coaching In The Game Methodology Set

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Coaching in the Game is a coaching method that is particularly well-suited to soccer, a sport that places the decision-making responsibilities on the player. Its use of realistic, free-flowing play makes it easier for players to transfer what they learn in training to match situations.

Teaching Group Tactics
This program features NSCAA Senior Academy Staff member Paul Payne demonstrating the value of this coaching methodology in small group play, such as 6 v. 6 and 8 v. 8 situations, and includes information on how to structure conditioned play, a key element to this coaching method. The overall theme of the sessions on this DVD is training the midfielders to work together in both attacking and defending situations.
Sections on this program include:

  • Warm-up for training
  • Defensive midfield
  • Attacking midfield

Bonus Material (DVD Only)

  • Shadow training
  • 3 zone activity
  • Coaches Roundtable discussion on Coaching In The Game Methodology|n|

Teaching Team Tactics
In the second part of this series, the methodology is expanded to full 11 v. 11 play. NSCAA Academy Staff member Paul Marco coaches within game settings to develop improved on-field communication between defenders and midfielders. As in the first part of the series, structuring conditioned play, a key element to the coaching method, is demonstrated, as is the importance of linking the warm-up to the elements that will be stressed during the training session.
Sections on this program include:

  • Warm-up for training
  • Teaching Midfielders and Backs to Coordinate Their Defending
  • Counter Attacking

Bonus Material (DVD Only)
- Winning The Ball To Start The Counter Attack

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