Own Goals and Gaffs III


Own Goals & Gaffs III: Hits & Misses DVD is the definitive collection of soccer bloopers, mishaps & mayhem from The Premier League.

Even in the dynamic and highly-paid world of English soccer's elite division, things can and will go very wrong. Here, in all their glory, are the beautifully executed own goals and appalling misses that are a part of the game at every level.

Alongside the own goals & gaffs on the pitch are a compilation of out-takes and observations based on the managers, officials & fans. A comprehensive review of the antics by the men on the sidelines and the demented celebrations of the game’s most committed fans & equally crazed team mascots.

Fashion trends are not overlooked either, from the mullet to the worst uniforms and the worst post goal celebration routines we cover it all in this original and outstanding look at the lighter side of the beautiful game.

Item Number: 5901
Running Time: 70 minutes
Available Formats: DVD