Soccer- How To Coach and How To Play 3 Part Set

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With Coach George Kuntz- US Soccer Federation 'A' Licensed coach.
Soccer- How To Coach and How To Play is focused on developing a team to play 11 v 11 soccer, and provides technical and tactical soccer demonstrations of a variety of exercises and activities that can be used for small group, functional training and team soccer training. The exercises are carried out by players of several different age groups with different levels of experience and each set of exercises has a specific purpose for team development. The training sessions and critiques used in this DVD will be very similar to what most coaches will experience, but every coach should develop their own training sessions and use their own personality to achieve their objectives. The soccer season allows for time to teach building blocks of topics that are linked to each other through the technical/tactical demands of the game. By adhering to the principles of the game, coaches can use various small sided games to accomplish individual and small group tactics as well as fitness and many other essential soccer skills.

Part 1- Warm-up and Individual Technique- Topics include: Warm-ups, stretching,|n|cool down, dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving, heading

Part 2- Group Technique Activities and Individual Tactics- Topics include: Group activities to teach dribbling, passing, shooting, receiving, heading. Individual tactics for attacking and defending

Part 3- Group Tactics and Team patterns and Tactics- Topics include: Group attacking and defending. Team tactics and systems.

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Running Time: 265 minutes
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