Soccer Striker School

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As the name suggests, the primary role of the soccer striker is basic- to score goals.
Soccer Striker School- The Finishing Touch is a two part series dedicated to that player everyone admires- the goalscorer. In these programs, the role of the goalscorer is well defined and exercises are presented that will help the would-be goalscorer develop his or her potential. Sequences of world-class professional goalscorers are highlighted which will help the student visualize the necessary elements of successful play.Together, Soccer Striker School provides the viewer with an exciting and comprehensive home study program that will lead to The Finishing Touch.

Part 1 presents the four realms the goalscorer must master: the technical, the tactical, the physical and the psychological. Examples are shown in order that the student can understand what he or she needs to exhibit in order to experience soccer at the highest level.

Part 2 presents a daily program, complete with professional examples and graphics, which the student will undertake with a trainer, friend or parent in order to realize their soccer potential. Goalscoring games are also provided to compliment team development.

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Item Number: 7091
Running Time: 90 minutes
Available Formats: MP4 DIGITAL, 2 Disc DVD

***The Digital Download version of 'Striker School'  contains PART 2 ONLY***