Training Girls and Women To Win 2

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Featuring April Heinrichs- Former Head Coach- Women's US National team.
In the world of women's soccer, no one can match the combined experience of April Heinrichs as a player and coach. 'Training Girls and Women to Win' is a 3-part series in which girls and women soccer players and coaches, under the direction of Coach Heinrichs, demonstrate a series of skills and drills for both youth and advanced players. Each program includes sections on the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of soccer.


  • Youth Heading
  • Advanced Heading
  • Youth Dribbling
  • Advanced Dribbling


  • Youth 1v1 Defending
  • Advanced 1v1 Defending
  • Youth 1v2 Defending
  • Advanced 1v2 Defending


  • Fitness


  • Mental Toughness

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    Item Number: 5982
    Running Time: 73 minutes
    Available Formats: Digital Download, DVD