Goalkeeping- The DiCicco Method Set of three

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This three DVD series is jam-packed with the most comprehensive drills and expert training tips you can get. Designed for all levels, beginner to advanced, it's like training in person.
Part 1- Introduction To Goalkeeping

  • Goalkeeper stance & footwork
  • Basic catching techniques
  • Boxing, tipping
  • The breakaway save part 1
  • The diving progression
  • Handling crossed balls part 1
  • Positioning part 1
  • The psychology of goalkeeping 1

Part 2- Goalkeeper Training and Coaches

  • Goalkeeper coaching methodologies
  • Extension diving
  • Advanced deflecting and saving
  • Handling crossed balls part 2
  • The breakaway save part 2
  • Positioning part 2
  • Starting positions
  • The psychology of goalkeeping 2

Part 3- The Goalkeeper as a Team Player

  • Quick footwork
  • Agility, abdominal, ball gymnastics
  • Games for goal keeper training
  • Shot saving
  • Crossed balls part 3
  • The breakaway save part 3
  • Positioning part 3
  • The psychology of goalkeeping 3

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Item Number: 7007
Running Time: 165 minutes
Available Formats: MP4 DIGITAL, DVD

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