Soccer Defending- Italian Style

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Marking, tackling, intercepting, anticipating, positioning and defending the goal are the fundamental elements in the modern game of soccer.

This program presents 42 technical exercises and game situations for the physical and mental development of the young soccer player. The exercises focus on the defensive phase, with the primary objective to develop exceptional technical abilities of soccer defenders, who are becoming more and more scarce in modern soccer.

These exercises develop, improve and maintain individual defending technical skills of soccer players when not in possession of the ball.

Sections Include:

  • Marking and positioning
  • Defending The Goal
  • Tackling
  • Anticipation/Intercepting
  • Balance
  • Differentiation and rhythmic skills
  • Motor reaction
  • Motor combination

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Item Number: 5444
Running Time: 55 minutes
Available Formats: MP4 DIGITAL, DVD

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